Clients who kick ass

Here are a few of my recent clients who have made awesome improvements to 

their overall health and fitness physique.

They prioritize their fitness goals and follow their customized plans to achieve their goals efficiently!


Henry is in school to become a chiropractor, and wanted to lose some weight for an upcoming trip. After creating him a custom nutrition and cardio program, Henry was able to shed 10 lbs in 12 weeks using his school gym.


Kimberly wanted to lose weight and get back into shape. As an ex-college softball player, she was already so disciplined. Using a custom workout plan, I was able to help her lose 14 lbs in between her busy work and nursing school schedule.


Chad lives in Alaska, and has been an awesome client for over 1 year now. As an avid outdoor explorer, he wanted to make a change in his lifestyle and feel like himself. With a custom workout plan, he has lost over 55 lbs from his home gym.


Andres has been a client of mine for about 3 months. Using a custom nutrition and workout plan, I was able to help him gain muscle and lose body fat. With a combination of a caloric surplus for gaining muscle and strength for 6 weeks, then a cut for 6 weeks additional weeks, he’s been able to lose over 10 lbs.


Brian has a goal to loose his stubborn lower belly fat, and between a busy work and travel schedule, he was able to lose 15 lbs with a custom nutrition and workout plan.

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